Dr. Annette Akinsete

Dr. Annette AkinseteAnnette Akinsete is a woman of many parts. Married with three children, she is – inter alia – a Consultant Public Health Physician, a Teacher and a Broadcaster. She was Director (Public Health Department) of the Federal Ministry of Health for many years and has represented the Federal Government of Nigeria at several fora world over.

As a Public Health Physician, Akinsete has worked in every level of government in Nigeria – from local, State to Federal levels. At global level, she has contributed to World Health Organisation (WHO) publications on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), served as WHO  Fellow in Geneva and as UN Cares Facilitator at the United Nations HQ in New York.

She remains a key resource person on NCDs for the West African Health Organisation.  Akinsete represents Women’s Board at the United Nations and continues to help in the formation of young girls as a Brownie Owl.

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