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Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria
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Sickle cell disorder is by far the commonest inherited disorder in the world and three quarters of cases occur in Africa. In Nigeria, where it affects two out of every hundred children born, it causes suffering for innumerable patients and their families. However, despite its importance, until now there has been no dedicated sickle cell center in Africa. This is partly because the very scale of the problem makes it difficult to see how to start.

Sickle cell disorder is an inherited haemoglobin disorder comprising sickle cell anaemia (Hb SS) and some less prevalent but related conditions such as sickle haemoglobin C disorder (Hb SC) and sickle beta thalassaemia (Hb SBthal). The genes for these conditions arose by mutation but proliferated in areas where there is or there was a high incidence of falciparium malaria, the most lethal strain of malaria known to man.

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